HTC One from GPE to Sense 5.5 [Experience/Tutorial]

So I’ve been using the HTC One as my daily driver for the past 6 months, and I’ve gotta say, it was great experience, and a seamless transition from iPhone/iOS.

Mine came with JB 4.3 installed and sense 5.5, and of course it was the Asian Unlocked version from Tiwan, since it’s the only one available in Egypt. I loved the sense UI the blinkfeed and everything, but i was waiting impatiently to update to KitKat, and HTC were very slow to publish the update, i waited until the end of Jan to the mid-feb, and still got not update.

So I decided to flash the GPE RUU from (Download Here), but to do that i had to have my S-Off, and it was a pain i the butt, and i’m not sure actually how i got mine Off, but i used couple of tools like revone (Tutorial Here) but this one didn’t work for me at all, so i searched a little bit and found this tool Rumrunner it’s an amazing tool, it managed to S-Off my phone somehow, although it always ended with Fail Status, but it did S-Off my Phone, and it was pretty simple to use, not much to do actually, but to wait for it to finish.

After S-Off-ing my device, i Changed my CID to match the RUU, using the [ fastboot oem writecid **** ] command, and flashed the RUU Zip using the following method:

  1. Make sure you have adb and fastboot installed. ( Download Android SDK ) – You will find the adb and fastboot inside the platform-tools folder.
  2. Turn on the Device and plug it into you computer.
  3. from the terminal or command prompt enter the following command ” adb reboot bootloader “.
  4. That will reboot you inside the bootloader mode, hit the power button to select fastboot.
  5. Then enter the following command ” fastboot oem rebootRUU “.
  6. Your phone screen will go black and turn on again with HTC logo in the middle, now you’re in the RUU installer mode.
  7. Make sure you RUU zip is in the same folder with adb and fastboot, and enter the following command, ” fastboot flash zip ” where is the file name of your RUU.
  8. it will do some stuff and then this message will appear ” FAILED (remote: 90 hboot pre-update! please flush image again immediately)”.
  9. Don’t panic, your phone is going to restart again into RUU installer, just enter the same command again ” fastboot flash zip “
  10. And this time it should work, it will show some crazy stuff on your computer screen, then it will finish, after the execution is done, and you get the  ” …… Successful ” line.
  11. Just enter ” fastboot reboot “, and your phone will boot to it’s new shiny GPE 4.4.2 kitkat software.

However, I was pretty happy with software, and the fact that it still got the beats audio that i loved, but i missed few things:

  1. The don’t disturb feature from the original sense 5.5.
  2. The weather on the lock screen (although i know i can add widgets to my kitkat screen, but the sense one locked awesome).
  3. The Ultrapixel camera software is gone, and i’m stuck with the original android camera app.
  4. The drawer is not customisable, and can’t add folders to it.
  5. The battery saving feature, which worked great.

But again i was happy i’m on kitkat, and the device was screaming FAST. However, then HTC released the Kitkat update with sense 5.5, and all i thought about is Hell yeah i gotta get back to it. And it was a bumpy ride.

I couldn’t find any RUU that matched both of my CID and MID, but i knew that changing the CID is easy, but didn’t know that i have to flash a Eng hboot to change my MID. And here it comes the scary part.

Here’s an amazing tutorial showing you how to change your HTC One MID with ease, and little but of steps,

I followed the tutorial until i got to the part when I flash the hboot from inside the RUU Installer Mode (fastboot oem rebootRUU).

Everything went great, but suddenly, my phone restarted with Gray grainy looking screen, and i was on a windows 8.1 computer, and my widows kept saying that i doesn’t recognise the USB device (which is my phone) and i started freaking out everywhere, i thought i bricked my device, but after reading the post very well, i found a comment that says, that it’s an issue with the windows 8.1 drivers, and if you connect it to a windows 7 or even windows 8 computer it would work just fine.

So i went to my Macbook Pro, and tried to connect it and it did connect, showed up on my fastboot devices, and i changed my MID and CID happily, and tried to go the RUU installer mod, and it didn’t, just didn’t. All it did is restarting to a black screen, and not responding to anything.

So i kept searching and searching for hours, and found no solution, so i forced restarted my phone using the old (power+volume down) for 20 seconds, and it got back to that grainy gray screen, So i went to my terminal and tried flashing the Zip without entering the RUU Installer Mode, and it Worked.

All i did is,

  1. Plugin my device to my computer.
  2. opened terminal, and changed directory to the fastboot directory, where i also had my RUU ZIP file.
  3. typed ” fastboot flash zip “.
  4. Hit enter, and it flashed the Hboot only.

And that made my phone go back to life, and the screen led up, with the lovely bootloader menu, so at that point i tried to open the RUU installer mode, by typing ” fastboot oem rebootRUU ” and it worked, i got the HTC Logo on that black screen, and tried flashing the zip like i did withe GPE RUU, and it worked like a charm.

The only downside, is my RUU Zip was JB 4.1.2, so i had to OTA update to 4.2.2 then 4.3 and finally to 4.4.2 Kitkat, and my phone is happily alive at the point. And i’m happy with that software update.

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