Facebook Like Button v6.0

Finally, after 2 years of delay, I’ve finished the Facebook Like Button v6.0.

I really wanted to release this update 2 years ago, but I had limited time, I needed to spend time with my son and wife, plus i really wanted to learn more about the core of WordPress.

However, let’s jump into the new stuff.

What’s New

  1. Completely rewritten cleaner and easier to debug and add features.
  2. Implemented WordPress Settings API.
  3. Implemented WordPress Post Meta API.
  4. Support Custom Post Types
  5. Custom og image for each post.
  6. Better default site image implementation.
  7. Security enhancements.
  8. Implemented PressGraph Namespace for future releases.
  9. Enhanced admin settings page.
  10. New customizable shortcode.

This version by far is the best version of the plugin, and the most stable, and the most compatible.


Refer to the WordPress Plugin Page for customizations and Shortcode usage: Plugin FAQ

What’s PressGraph

PressGraph is a set of new features that will be added to the plugin, one after one, and it implements the core features of Facebook’s OpenGraph protocol for a better and more connect web.


If you have any problem with the plugin or need any assistance please leave a comment on this post.


Use this Link to download the latest version of the plugin: https://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/facebook-like-button.zip

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