Facebook Like Button V5.0 Major Update

A list of all the point releases updates, and the major update features.

[Update 5.9.3]

  1. Bug Fixes.
  2. Custom Page Type Added.
  3. Disable on Custom Posts.
  4. Custom Post Type Added.

[Update 5.9.2]

  1. Send Button Support Added!

[Update 5.8 – 5.9]

  1. Post thumbnail bug fixed! . Now whenever you have a thumbnail for a post and you share it on Facebook it’s going to show this thumbnail by default…

Blank Screen & Fatal error [FIX]

If you get this error after updating to 5.9 you can solve it by adding this line of code to your theme functions file:

add_theme_support( 'post-thumbnails' );


[Update 5.7]

  1. Disabled in Certain Pages Bug Fixed.
  2. Show in home Bug Fixed.
  3. og:description Bug Fixed.


  • Admin layout has been redesigned.
  • Facebook Recommendations has been added.
  • Facebook Recommendations sidebar widget has been added.
  • Facebook Recommendations shortcut has been added.
  • Customizable Recommendations Widget Title.
  • Customizable Recommendations Widget Layout Settings.


To Everybody who get fatal error. Contact your web hosting providers and tell them to upgrade to PHP 5 or the latest version of PHP.

Integrate Recommendations it into your template:

By Shortcut:

fb_rec –> put it inside [ ]

Integrate Like Button it into your template:

By Shortcuts:

fb_count  –> for the count button. put it inside [ ]

fb_fb_like –> for the normal button. put it inside [ ]

Disable on certain pages:

While creating/editing a page you can find a box on the side, under the publish/update box, called: Disable Facebook Like Button.

Check the check box to disable the button from this page or uncheck to enable it.



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and you can donate using the sidebar widget to help the plugin continue growing.

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4 thoughts on “Facebook Like Button V5.0 Major Update

  1. I have been using your plugin for a bit but then it all of a sudden stopped working. Niether my hosting company nor my web guy seems to be able to assist me in make this work again. As I am trying to get an agent to sell my book I need them to see my likes and now they are all gone. Do you have a recovery link or tab. I know nothing about coding so all I know how to do is click and follow instructions. Is there a fix for this. Right now I have (PressGraph) Facebook Like Version: 6.0.9. Please email me at lynda.harlos@sympatico.ca

    1. Hi Lynda,

      I’m planning an update with a migration tool for the websites that migrated from HTTP to HTTPs which is the main cause for such behaviour.

      I’ll keep you posted by email when the update is published.

      1. Thanks for getting back to me Ahmed. Will the update be soon as I have agents trying to look at my site to see how many likes I am getting and they are not working any more.
        I deactivate the plugin so when the update is done will it retrieve all the likes from before as well?

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