Apple Watch has always been one of my favourite Apple product, and it’s the only smartwatch I use on a daily basis.

But it had always one big flaw for me which is not being able to see my current heart rate using the built-in complication, without going into the Heart Rate app.

Apple’s Built-in Heart Rate complication

Apple announced Watch OS 6 last WWDC along with the awesome new SwiftUI, and ability to develop independent Watch apps.

That provided me with a great opportunity to both learn SwiftUI and develop a simple independent watch app that provides me with the heart rate complication I always wished for.

So I created HeartRate++ a simple Heart Rate app that provides you with all the Heart Rate complications you may ever need, plus a simple at-a-glance view to see how your heart rate been doing for the last 12 hours.

When you open the app on your watch it gives you a real-time heart rate measurement as long as it’s open, and the complications update every 10 minutes to give you the most up to date measurement.

Available complications are Modular Corner, Modular Gauge, Utility and Modular. And works with any Apple Watch with Watch OS 6 and above installed.

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a problem that I faced when I migrated my website from HTTP to HTTPs, is losing all my old likes on my posts, which left the website looking a bit dull and with no interactions at all. a lot of people contacted me about this issue, and I’ve always had no fix for it, you just have to wait to get new likes.


But today I found a solution for this issue, not the best of solutions, but it does solve the issue, and I published an update to my plugin “PressGraph Facebook Like” with a new feature named “HTTPs  Migration Mode”.

After installing the latest version of the plugin, head to “Dashboard -> PressGraph -> Enable HTTPs Migration Mode” and check the box, save the settings, and all your old likes should be back just like that!


There’s a con to such a solution, it will still place the likes on the “old non-https URL” for some people that won’t be a problem, but you should know what’s happening in the background.


Enjoy your old likes!

So I’ve been using the HTC One as my daily driver for the past 6 months, and I’ve gotta say, it was great experience, and a seamless transition from iPhone/iOS.

Mine came with JB 4.3 installed and sense 5.5, and of course it was the Asian Unlocked version from Tiwan, since it’s the only one available in Egypt. I loved the sense UI the blinkfeed and everything, but i was waiting impatiently to update to KitKat, and HTC were very slow to publish the update, i waited until the end of Jan to the mid-feb, and still got not update.

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