So I’ve been using the HTC One as my daily driver for the past 6 months, and I’ve gotta say, it was great experience, and a seamless transition from iPhone/iOS.

Mine came with JB 4.3 installed and sense 5.5, and of course it was the Asian Unlocked version from Tiwan, since it’s the only one available in Egypt. I loved the sense UI the blinkfeed and everything, but i was waiting impatiently to update to KitKat, and HTC were very slow to publish the update, i waited until the end of Jan to the mid-feb, and still got not update.

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PACE Pro is my latest WordPress Plugin on the official plugins repository. It’s basically a plugin that adds PACE Loading Progress Bar to your website, with great customization options, like changing color and style, and soon your will be able to enable it and disable it on specific pages or posts and have different styles and colors for each page/post.

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The Next Major Release of Facebook Like Button for WordPress


  • PHP 4 support.
  • WordPress 3.0 Suppot.
  • Manual Positioning Added.
  • Facebook Insights support.
  • og:image support, (Default image when share on Facebook).
  • Better support for css styling.
  • All bugs fixed.


If you have any problem, feedback or suggestion comment here.

Cheers… :)


[UPDATE 13/5/2010]

  • Multiple languages support (By: Anty (
  • Now you can change the font (By: Anty (
  • Code has been rewritten.
  • Database table removed, Replaced with options to avoid problems.

[UPDATE 8/5/2010]

  • og:site_name meta tag has been added to the header, So when somebody likes your post it’s going to appear on Facebook like this “User liked POSTNAME on SITENAME”.

Finally it’s here, V3… All features based on users requests :)


  • Shortcut added to show the button manually. [more info]
  • Live preview in the settings section.
  • Option to hide in the home, pages or posts.
  • Bugs fixed.

You can add the button to your template by adding these 2 functions:

For the normal button:

if (function_exists('Short_Button')){ echo Short_Button(); }

For Count button:

if (function_exists('Count_Button')){ echo Count_Button(); }


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