iPhone 4G/HD Coverage

The Keynote:

  • 5200 attendees, sold out in 8 days.
  • Apple is selling one iPad every 3 seconds
  • First potshot at Google came in the form of “Developers can earn more on iPad apps than Google ads”
  • PDF viewing is also getting added to iBooks. Will be out later this month.
  • New changes to the iBooks app, allowing notes, new bookmarks, and a new page displaying both.
  • Jobs: We support 2 platforms at apple. The first is HTML5: a fully open, uncontrolled platform forged by widely respected. Anyone can write HTML5 apps. The second one is the App Store. It’s the most vibrant app store on the planet.
  • NetFlex for iPhone
  • NetFlex for iPhone: You can pick up where you left on the iPad and iPhone versions.
  • NetFlex for iPhone: You will be able to watch Movies over 3G
  • Zynga: Today we’re introducing ‘Farming’ for the iPhone. ‘Farmville’ is our most popular game, and we’re excited to bring it to the most popular mobile platform in the world.
  • Zynga: We have over 70m active users. They’ve raised over $2m for Haiti.” Demo time. Ah, syncs with your Facebook farms, apparently.
  • Zynga: With Farmville on the iPhone, you’ll be able to farm anytime, anywhere. But I’m most excited about how good tractoring just got.
  • Zynga: Available end of June.
  • Activision:  Karthik Bala is here to tell us about Guitar Hero.
  • Activision: We developed a brand new experience for the iPhone and iPod touch…
  • Activision: The game comes with classic rock from Queen and the Rolling Stones…
  • Activision: You can start rocking out today — it’s available in the app store for $2.99.
  • Steve: I have a few great pieces of info to share with you this morning. Last week we crossed 5b downloads. This next thing is my favorite stat of the whole show. You know we give 70% of revenue to developers. So how much have we paid? To date? Just a few days ago we crossed $1b.” Wow, ha. A check made out to “developers” for a billion!
  • Steve: There have been a lot of stats floating around, market research, studies. Some are okay, some are questionable. I’d like to give you two pieces of data. The first is a report that just came out from Nielsen. They said what is the marketshare in the US? RIM, #1 with 35%, iPhone, 28%, Windows 19%, Android 9%… Nielsen said we’re over three times the marketshare of Android.
  • Steve: So let’s get back to iPhone. In 2007 iPhone reinvented what we thought of as a smartphone. It’s hard to remember what it was like. It was really different before the iPhone
  • Steve: It started to change things. In 2008 we added 3G and the App Store, in 2009 the 3GS was twice as fast, and we added some other cool features like video… in 2010 we’re going to take the biggest leap since the original iPhone.
  • We’re introducing iPhone 4.
  • Now, this is really hot. There are over 100 new features, but I’m going to cover 8. The first one? An all new design.
  • “I don’t know if you’ve ever seen this.” Ha! Huge cheers!
  • You gotta see this in person. This is beyond the doubt, the most precise thing, and one of the most beautiful we’ve ever made. Glass on the front and back, and steel around the sides. It’s like a beautiful old Leica camera.

  • Retina Display. What’s that? In any display there are pixels. We dramtically increased the pixel density, Four times the amount.

  • 960 x 640 display.

800:1 contrast ration, 4x better than the 3GS

  • IPS technology — “Quite a bit better than OLED.”
  • 3.5 inch display.
  • 78% of the pixels on iPad.
  • It makes it so your apps run automatically on this, but it renders your text and controls in the higher resolution. Your apps look even better, but if you do a little bit of work, then they will look stunning. So we suggest that you do that. So that is the Retina Display. Awesome text, awesome images, and awesome video. We think this will set the standard, and no one is going to come close.

  • the iPhone 4 is powered by the A4 chip. This was designed by our own team. This is wonderful to have in the iPhone. You take the back off — first thing you notice is that the iPhone 4 is packed to the gills. There’s the A4 right there… micro SIM — we needed the space! You can see the biggest component is the battery.

  • Because we’ve been able to make the batter bigger and because the A4 is so good, we’ve improved the battery life. 7 hours of 3G talk, 6 hours of 3G browsing, 10 hours of WiFi browsing, 10 hours of video, 40 hours of music…

  • And 300 hours of standby.
  • We’re adding a 3 axis gyro, and we tied the gyro and accelerometer, compass, and gyro together for six axis. It’s perfect for gaming.

  • A whole new camera system.

  • Now everybody loves to talk about megapixels, but we tend to ask the question how do we make better pictures? Megapixels are nice, but what these cameras are really about is capturing photons and low light photography. So we’ve gone from 3 megapixel to 5 megapixel, but we’re using a backside illuminated sensor.
  • In addition to that, when most people increase megapixels they make them smaller, but we’ve kept ours the same size. They don’t capture less photons. 5x digital zoom, tap to focus, and we’ve got an LED flash.

  • We pioneered tap to focus, and we now have it for video… and we have one click sharing… and the LED flash will stay on for video recording. You can record, edit, and then with a few taps email it right on the phone.

  • we’re going even further.” iMovie for iPhone!

  • Isn’t that awesome? So iMovie for iPhone… you’ll be able to buy this for $4.99… if we approve it.” Ha!

  • Apple having epic wifi fail!
  • Jobs is asking everyone to to turn off their network cards, MiFi’s and to put laptops on the floor.
  • iPhone OS 4. The most advanced mobile operating system in the world. First off, we’re going to rename it.
  • iOS 4
  • There are some big new features — the first being multitasking. People said you weren’t the first, but we figured it out. If you don’t do it right, you kill the battery. (Talking about Google)
  • We’ve added folders, and a whole bunch of other things I won’t have time to demo today, but I’d like to demo these few things.
  • I’m going to play some music, now I’m going to check some mail. Now I’m going to go to webpage and fine out if we did turn off our WiFi devices.” Yep. Huge applause.
  • “I’m gonna go back to mail… and I can swipe to the right and there’s the audio controls for whatever audio app I’m using. And let me show you a few things in mail. You can see I have the unified inbox, and I’ve also got threading. I can see all of the messages in a single conversation.”

  • It makes it really easy to follow. Now I’d like to go back to the home screen, and I’m going to create a folder. All I have to do is hold my finger on an icon, and drag it onto another icon, so I will drag this sports app onto another sports app and it automatically names it.”

  • Pictures of the iphone on stage now don’t say a carrier in the upper left.
  • Bing Search added but Google still there!

    It will be out soon.

  • iBooks: “We’ll have it on the iPhone, the iPad, and the iPod touch. What can we do with these together? First, you can purchase and download a book. It will download wirelessly. You can download the same book to all your devices at no extra charge. Buy it on your iPad, download to your iPhone. And iBooks will automatically and wirelessly sync your current place, all your bookmarks, and all your notes.” No extra charge? We’ll take it.

  • iPhone now has three stores: iTunes, Apps, and iBooks. Over 150 million accounts “with credit cards, ready to buy your apps!”
  • ” iAds. Why are we doing iAds? To help our developers earn money.”

  • Apple going to turn on iAd on July 1st for all iOS 4 devices.

One More Thing…

  • “So in 2007 when we launched the iPhone, it was my privilege to make a call to Jony Ive… and I’m going to do the same thing now.” Boom, video call.

  • “You know I grew up with the Jetsons… and video calls… and now it’s real. What about you?” Jony: “I grew up with the same thing, and it’s real now!” Steve: “It is real… especially when people turn off their WiFi.” Jony: “We’ve had to wait an awful long time for this to become reality.” Steve: “Okay, let’s have lunch soon.”

  • it will work in portrait or landscape.


“Apple is going to market the heck out of FaceTime. Sprint, are you and Qik gonna do the same with Evo? You’d better.”

  • Steve: “I put up this slide a little earlier this year. It represents what Apple is all about. We’re not just a tech company. Apple is more than that. It’s tech and humanity. It’s the hardware and the software working together. It’s not just a great new camera system, it’s the editing too, it’s not just a front-facing camera, it’s that plus 18 months of work on the software side. It’s the complete solution, so all of us don’t have to be system integrators.”
  • “I urge you to get your hands on one of these and see it for yourself. I just want to say thanks to the teams that have worked their tails off to create these products.” We think we know where this is going.

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