Hajj App a Cross-Platform Application

As it’s the Hajj time, i’m brining you today an amazing app packed with all future you’re going to need during the hajj time.


  1. Hajj Rituals
  2. Hajj Clerics
  3. News
  4. Prayer Times
  5. Important Phone Numbers
  6. Weather Reporting
  7. Maps
  8. Geo-Tracking

One of the most amazing feature that i truly love, is the Ge0-Tracking Feature, Basically imagine that you’re in a large group of Hojaj and you got lost, you can simply activate the Geo-Tracking feature, which will show the poisson of each member of the group on the map. And not just that, what if you want to go from a place to another and you don’t know the route, basically chose 2 different places and it will show the best route to go on the road.


Demo Video

Download Link


Available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Nokia

Developed by: Tawasol IT

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