Geo-Location for WordPress

Geo-Location For WordPress

I’ve been working on this project for long, long time and i yeah it’s finally here. Geo-Location Support For WordPress Comments.

People Can Geo-Tag their tweets, and their photos even Facebook activities are Geo-Tagged with the new Facebook Places. But WordPress Comments never been able to be Geo-Tagged, and this is why i made this plugin.


  • Users Can Chose to Geo-Tag Their Comments.
  • Link shows side by side with the commenter name to show the location on Google Maps.
  • Admin can view the location on Google Map form dashboard.
  • Comments Map to Show the locations where the comments were posted.



You can donate using the sidebar widget, and if you have any question leave it in a comment below or email me on me@ahmedgeek.com

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So Far Geo-Location Supported By Safari, Chrome, FireFox and iPhone Browser.

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    Hey have to try this, thanks a lot.

    p.s. please try to fix the facebook plugin, there were some changes at facebook developer which made your button stop working. Please for details loook the comments under your last post about fb plugin, thank you.


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    Hi Ahmed,

    Your plugin is exactly what I’m looking for, but it isn’t working for me. The marker that appears at the top of the comment form on your site isn’t appearing on mine. Any idea how I could get it to work?



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    Switching to a new location, reloading the page, and posting does not update the Geolocation, by the way…
    Looks like a good plugin in general, though. Nice work, I’ll download and use it.


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