Facebook Like Button V5.0 Major Update

[Update 5.9.3]

  1. Bug Fixes.
  2. Custom Page Type Added.
  3. Disable on Custom Posts.
  4. Custom Post Type Added.

[Update 5.9.2]

  1. Send Button Support Added!

[Update 5.8 – 5.9]

  1. Post thumbnail bug fixed! . Now whenever you have a thumbnail for a post and you share it on Facebook it’s going to show this thumbnail by default…

Blank Screen & Fatal error [FIX]

If you get this error after updating to 5.9 you can solve it by adding this line of code to your theme functions file:

 add_theme_support( 'post-thumbnails' );


[Update 5.7]

  1. Disabled in Certain Pages Bug Fixed.
  2. Show in home Bug Fixed.
  3. og:description Bug Fixed.


  • Admin layout has been redesigned.
  • Facebook Recommendations has been added.
  • Facebook Recommendations sidebar widget has been added.
  • Facebook Recommendations shortcut has been added.
  • Customizable Recommendations Widget Title.
  • Customizable Recommendations Widget Layout Settings.


To Everybody who get fatal error. Contact your web hosting providers and tell them to upgrade to PHP 5 or the latest version of PHP.

Integrate Recommendations it into your template:

By Shortcut:

fb_rec –> put it inside [ ]

By PHP code:

<!--?php $Rec_Widget = new Widget_Layout(); echo $Rec_Widget--->Layout();


Integrate Like Button it into your template:

By Shortcuts:

fb_count  –> for the count button. put it inside [ ]

fb_fb_like –> for the normal button. put it inside [ ]

By PHP code:

<!--?php //For the normal button if(function_exists('Short_Button')) { 	echo Short_Button(); 	} //For the count button if(function_exists('Count_Button')) { 	echo Short_Button(); 	} ?-->

Disable in certain pages:

While creating/editing a page you can find a box on the side, under the publish/update box, called: Disable Facebook Like Button.

Check the check box to disable the button from this page or uncheck to enable it.



As i can see, my plugin’s rate is so bad. so if you really like it please rate it up here:


and you can donate using the sidebar widget to help the plugin continue growing.

if you have any question leave a comment or email me on: me@ahmedgeek.com

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294 Responses

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  3. avatar

    When I click on the “Like” and “Send” buttons the manual shortcodes I put in the post is getting picked up as text. (ie. [fb_count]). Is there a way to force that NOT to be picked up in the “like” and “send” text?


  4. avatar

    I am using Wordpres 3.5.1. When I turn on WP_DEBUG I get these notices:

    Notice: Undefined variable: post in …/facebook-like-button/inc/fun.inc.php on line 16

    Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in …/facebook-like-button/inc/fun.inc.php on line 16

    Notice: Use of undefined constant is_single – assumed ‘is_single’ in …/facebook-like-button/inc/fun.inc.php on line 70


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  6. avatar

    Great plugin!!
    It could be possible that the Likes go to the Facebook Wall? now they are going only to my likes inside my Facebook.





    Ahmed Reply:

    Yep this will be coming in a future update.


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    Found your site on Google. This is a cool post. I’d like to see you take the main idea from this article and cteare another second article, and maybe you could embed a vid, also?


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    Hi, i can’t take off from the page in my portfolio (work) the like button, also when i turn off it on the Facebook like panel.
    how to fix it?


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